This area will feature the FASTEST FIVE SATURN CARS in their respective categories. Think your car is fast enough to be featured in the Fastest V? Send your information and mods to poc301 to have your car listed here.

Street Class
1) UnderdogSDA 13.3 (Nitrous)
2) S.Bretz 13.35 (Turbo)
3) Poc301 13.50 (Nitrous)
4) BoostedSL2 13.56 (Turbo)
5) Yardbird 13.59 (Nitrous)

Unlimited Class
1) Nefarious 12.26 (Nitrous)
2) LowSC2 12.4 (Nitrous)
3) 92saturnSS 13.33 (Nitrous)

1) UnderdogSDA 14.21
2) Green Monstah 14.5
3) DonBaker 14.71
4) Applebit 14.8

1) ProjectPhase1 16.61
2) Sh1FT 16.90
3) Wraith 16.98
4) jhsl1 17.2
5) SL_Sled 17.96

1) JGreen 15.48
2) schzzo97sc2 15.60
3) Chris 15.79
4) rascon11 16.06
5) IonJon 16.27

Updated 1/05

For the most recent list of the fastest five cars click here.



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TSN has gone through some major changes in the past few months. We are always looking at ways to improve the site and the forum needed a major overhaul to keep up with demand. So, what are all of these new changes?

Several new topics have been added to the forum including, off topics, newbie, suspension, engine building, Ecotec/Ion/Redline.

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What's new with the main site?

Finally, several new classes have been added under the fastest V list on the main page (lefthand column). Naturally aspirated has been broken into DOHC, SOHC, and Ion and forced induction has a new unlimited class.

The swap guide in the download section has been updated. Several links have been added and fixed and new articles have been added to the main site.

January 2005

What's on tap....

So you bought a SAFC, opened the box, looked over the instructions, and found nothing to help you install it into your Saturn S series car, right? Well you've come to the right place. This guide should help you install either SAFC unit into any S series vehicle. More>>

Firstly, having the ability to tune your car is the most important aspect of tuning. The tools that will let you control timing, fuel, and boost are the basis for a good tune. Management for turbo vehicles tends to be complex, but you almost can't have too many aspects of a setup's function to tune. Yes, some systems are "overly" complex, but this extended tunability is likely a good thing. So something that is "overly" complex is likely just a tuner's lack of ability to tune. More>>

These are serious tuning tools and should only be used by serious enthusiasts, once you introduce shaved heads, better exhausts, higher duration cams, and better air intakes, you tweak the optimum cam timing set forth by the manufacturer. From the factory, cams usually operate at a conservative setting to meet drivability and smog standards. More>>

Sometimes it seems that the simplest devices are the most difficult to understand. If you have ever pondered the internal workings of wastegates and manual boost controllers than you will want to check this article out. More>>

Very few subjects can start a flame war on any message board like the question, which is better horsepower or torque? It seems as if everyone has opinions on how this question should be answered. With that in mind I decided to address this topic head on to help clarify everyone's understanding of this relationship. More>>

So you wanna turbocharge your Saturn? Do you want to build your own turbo kit but have no idea where to start? Are you unsure of what turbo, what intercooler, or how to add fuel to your setup? Well, I have am working on putting together a DIY Turbo installation section. I will try to cover everything that is needed to safely and effectively turbocharge your Saturn. More>>

An oxygen sensor is the most important sensor on a fuel injected car. Located in the exhaust manifold of the car, its function is to compare the difference in the oxygen content in the exhaust gas against the oxygen content in ambient air. The results are expressed in an analog voltage signal often referred to as Lambda. More>>

When turbo charging a Saturn car one of the first things to address is the fuel system. More fuel must be injected into the engine to prevent the engine from running lean. In order to deliver more fuel to the engine many people will replace their stock 19lb fuel injectors with higher flowing ones. More>>

Detonation or pre ignition occurs when the air/fuel mixture ignites before the piston reaches top dead center. On a turbo charged engine this is the first and last sign of bad things to come. Detonation can turn a daily driver engine into scrap very quickly. This article will cover a few easy ways to prevent detonation from happening. More>>

Fuel is a critical part of any turbo system and if you're shooting for big numbers you will need to have enough fuel to meet the demand. Although the stock fuel pump has been proven to support 300whp I would not recommend going higher than that. So what do you do when you are seeking to put down some serious horsepower numbers? More>>

This short article represents a summary of some information gathered from the internet on fuel injectors. It explains several more in-depth injector properties that you may never have considered before. Topics include injector types, capabilities, and atomization. More>>

I bought the DIY wideband kit from Techedge hoping for a good way to tune my car on boost. I opted for the DIY LDO1 display, DIY WB controller, and bought a pre-built cable. It came several weeks later neatly packaged in zip lock bags. All of the components are pre-sorted and labeled. It appears to be a far simpler construction than the Megasquirt, but don't be fooled. More>>

Every vehicle needs fuel to run. Increasing the horsepower of your car requires more fuel. The saying, "more fuel equals more power" defiantly holds true especially in turbo applications. So, how much fuel can the stock pump provide? More>>

Before we can start programming the AVC-R we need to understand what the duty cycle does. Without going into the theory behind wastgate operation here is basically everything you need to know about setting the duty cycle. More>>

There is hardly a nicer scan tool/software dyno set made for this tool. It compensates for speed, different gears, and more. You can even use this setup on all obd-2 cars. More>>

A quick and dirty guide to all the turbo system components needed to make ~220whp on a Saturn 1.9 L engine. Relatively speaking turbo charging a Saturn is not that difficult. Time and time again people have proved that with a limited budget one can build and install a reliable turbo system on their daily driven Saturn. More>>


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The forum has become one of the best resources for Saturn performance on the net. Our members are constantly pushing their cars to new performance levels. So, log in, share your ideas, and help push your car’s performance to the next level.

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August 2005 TSN will be holding its first ever meet in Chardon, Ohio. Some of the fastest Saturns in the country will be attending. Activities will include drag racing, dyno, tech session, and BBQ. Look for the latest information in the forums.


Different Racing

Jeff and his team Different Racing have big plans on breaking into some really low quarter mile times this year. Last year he posted a 12.40 on a pretty healthy nitrous shot. This year he has a new turbo setup and some serious determination. Visit his website for the latest news and information. I expect we'll be seeing some low 12's from him by the end of the year.