This area will feature the FASTEST FIVE SATURN CARS in their respective categories. Think your car is fast enough to be featured in the Fastest V? Send your information and mods to poc301 to have your car listed here.

Street Class
1) UnderdogSDA 13.3 (Nitrous)
2) S.Bretz 13.35 (Turbo)
3) Poc301 13.50 (Nitrous)
4) BoostedSL2 13.56 (Turbo)
5) Yardbird 13.59 (Nitrous)

Unlimited Class
1) Nefarious 12.26 (Nitrous)
2) LowSC2 12.4 (Nitrous)
3) 92saturnSS 13.33 (Nitrous)

1) UnderdogSDA 14.21
2) Green Monstah 14.5
3) DonBaker 14.71
4) Applebit 14.8

1) ProjectPhase1 16.61
2) Sh1FT 16.90
3) Wraith 16.98
4) jhsl1 17.2
5) SL_Sled 17.96

1) JGreen 15.48
2) schzzo97sc2 15.60
3) Chris 15.79
4) rascon11 16.06
5) IonJon 16.27

Updated 1/05

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D.I.Y. Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator


When turbo charging a Saturn car one of the first things to address is the fuel system. More fuel must be injected into the engine to prevent the engine from running lean. In order to deliver more fuel to the engine many people will replace their stock 19lb fuel injectors with higher flowing ones. This fixes the problem of supplying an inadequate amount of fuel to the engine but often creates another problem, too much fuel. The PCM is not able to compensate for the larger injectors creating an overly rich mixture, which causes poor gas mileage, erratic idle and decreased power output. Lowering the fuel pressure is one trick that can be employed to fool the computer into thinking that the injectors are smaller than they really are. Don't want to spend the money on an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator? Don't worry, your Saturn (up to 97) may already have a fuel pressure regulator that can be modified to adjust the fuel pressure. Here's how it's done…

Locate the fuel pressure rail bolted to the intake manifold. Now, following the fuel rail toward the throttle body and locate a small circular object right before the return line exits from the fuel rail. This is the fuel pressure regulator (FPR). To reach the FPR you will have to remove the throttle cable, bracket and vacuum lines attached to the FPR. Once everything has been removed you will clearly see that the FPR is held in place by a metal clip. Remove the clip, using either a screw driver or needle nose pliers, pulling in a downward direction toward the engine. Once the clip is off the FPR can be easily removed. Be sure to mark the stock setting so that you can reset the pressure to stock setting before re-installing.

CAUTION: There are two other parts, an o-ring and filter, that are held in place by the FPR and can easily be lost.

Now that you have the FPR off of the car use a #10 safety torx bit and gently begin turning the torx screw back and forth until the screw becomes free. I recommend removing the FPR from the car because it is easier to break the set screw free without runing the FPR. Once the set screw is free re-install the FPR and attached all of the brackets and hoses. Now attach a fuel pressure guage, turn the key to run and check for leaks. If there are no leaks start the car and observe the fuel pressure at idle, it should read about 43.5psi. Now to adjust the fuel pressure simply turn the screw clockwise to increase fuel pressure and counter cloclwise to decrease fuel pressure. Once you have the desired fuel pressure set it's a good idea to place a small amount of lock tight on the screw to make sure that it doesn't vibrate out. Also, take note that the fuel pressure increases by about 5psi when the engine is above idle.

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August 2005 TSN will be holding its first ever meet in Chardon, Ohio. Some of the fastest Saturns in the country will be attending. Activities will include drag racing, dyno, tech session, and BBQ. Look for the latest information in the forums.


Different Racing

Jeff and his team Different Racing have big plans on breaking into some really low quarter mile times this year. Last year he posted a 12.40 on a pretty healthy nitrous shot. This year he has a new turbo setup and some serious determination. Visit his website for the latest news and information. I expect we'll be seeing some low 12's from him by the end of the year.